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How to Make a Dinosaur From Clay

August 25th, 2007 by admin in Sculpting

Hi. I’m Debbie with and I’m here today to show you how to make some clay dinosaurs or clay anything with your young crafter.

Um one of the great advantages of working with clay and play dough with young children is of course working on those five motor skills and those hands, which is why when they get to kindergarten those handwriting skills, cutting skills, gluing skills, all those things that you use those little muscles in the hands are you prepare for that by using clay and things like that before they get to school.

Today we’re going to do dinosaurs and the reason why I prefer dinosaurs is little kids love them, number one, girls and boys. You can incorporate a lot of learning with dinosaurs. Number one, they are so enthused about it. Number two, you can build some wonderful science vocabulary with your young learner and go to the library, get books on dinosaurs, books on how to draw dinosaurs, different periods of dinosaurs. You can bring in so much learning into this and then as a combination you can make a clay dinosaur. Things that you are going to need.

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